New Plant Based Foods for a Health Conscious Society

One of the most used types of condiments in the world is mayo. Not only is it used on sandwiches and burgers, it’s also used as an ingredient in many foods like coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni salad and the list goes on and on. However, not everyone prefers egg based products. Some people have allergies to eggs. Other people, especially vegans, don’t eat eggs. Fortunately, Alternative products, like Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo, is an excellent solution.

This mayo product is entirely plant based. This makes it a perfect choice for people who can’t eat eggs, either because of an allergy or because they are following a vegan diet. However, it’s important to understand that Hampton Creek isn’t just a mayo company.

Hampton Creek has enjoyed the success of Just Mayo, and rather than resting on its laurels, they have used this success as a spring board for the introduction of more products. Currently, Hampton Creek is the exclusive supplier of cake mixes for the Compass Group. This food catering service provides food products for elementary, middle and high school breakfast and lunches throughout the country. They also provide food for roughly 400 different college campuses throughout the U.S. The Compass Group is also the exclusive catering company for the US Senate in Washington DC.

In addition, with new distribution deals, Hampton Creek products, which are already in stores like Target, Walmart and Whole Foods, are expanding to stores like Food Lion, Safeway and Kroger. They are also preparing to roll out over 40 new products over the next year. This is will mark the largest product roll out by Hampton Creek ever.

It’s rare to see such a company rise to prominence in such a short time, but given the health conscientiousness of today’s society, it’s not all that unexpected. Indeed, it doesn’t seem to be a big shock to the people over at Hampton Creek. With a strong reputation for already providing healthy plant based foods, and an eye for further expansion, it looks like society is calling out for better, healthier foods and, fortunately for them, Hampton Creek is not only listening, they are answering as well.