Ways to lose weight for women 40+

Losing weight is not easy for all age women. Especially women over 40 who face more problems than younger women. Most women in the age found it harder to lose weight once they hit 40. In this age some hormones will work slow down, plus the other problems such as a disordered way of eating, not enough excercise making it harder to lose weight.

There are some essential hormones that effect your body and beauty. Estrogen hormones is an important hormone that keep your shape to have the curves in the right places and  maintain your skin soft and firm. Another one is DHEA that help your body prevent fat accumulation. Both of them are very important to help women over 40 lose weight. Whatever you do for balancing estrogen, it will assist you to increase DHEA level too.

How to balance the hormones level and lose weight permanently? Here’s tips to help women over 40 lose weight and stay in shape.

– Aim the goal in losing weight that you have to keep your blood sugar stable. Seperating meals into 3 to 5 times a day is the key. Dieticians suggest eating your largest meal at lunch, the time that your body need the highest calories in a day. In dinner needs the smallest meal because your metabolism plunges after 6 p.m. Almost zero calories are required.

– Adele Puhn who wrote  “The Carb Careful Solution,” suggests that eating nutritious foods and snacks that maintain insulin resistance so sugar levels in blood can keep steady. Also you should eat high in protein breakfast within an hour that you get up in order to keep your blood sugar level. Snacks that consist of vegetables and fruit like green apples, carrots or broccoli are rich in essential supplement which helps the body reduce cholesterol and against environmental toxins. For lunch, you should eat lean meat such as chicken or fish and hard vegetables. Dinner is protein with vegetables in the portion that less than lunch.

– Drink water frequently as you can. Dieticians concern about dehydration. It effect for various activity in your daily life. When you suffer from dehydration, blood volume is decreased, cholesterol level, fats, and waste products increase. Water make the body cool down and it’s necessary for the body’s transportation system. Generally, drinking 8-10 glasse of water is recommended. There is no weight loss without ample water intake.

– Exercise is a key to help you increase metabolism level. If you never exercise before, you should change yourself gradually. The best way is finding a physical activity you like or the way to use more energy in daily life such as using stair instead of lift.  When you get ready for harder excercise, you may do aerobic activities, excellent calorie burners, for 30 – 60 minute.